Environment Sustainability
Best Environmental Directories
Building Energy Efficiency Research (BEER) – Hong Kong
Building Greenhouse Rating – Australia
Carbon Calculator from National Energy Foundation – UK
Carbon Dioxide Calculator – Japan
Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Concept Space the visual search tool for business concepts
CO2 Reduction Calculator – International
Conversions > Reference Desk, Calculators On-Line
Conversions > Online Conversion
Conversions > Unit Converter
Design Systems, Research, Education – NL
Directories of Environmental Science Journals – LLEK
Earth Day Footprint Quiz – Earthday Network
Earth A Graphic Look At The State of the Planet
Earth Negotiations Bulletin IISD – Canada
Earth Sciences & Map Library UCB – USA
Earthshots Satellite Images of Environmental Change
Earth Summit Info – Sustainable Development + Biodiversity Links
Ecological Footprint – Area-Based Indicators of Sustainability
Ecospecifier > guide to environmentally preferable materials
Environmental (data) information systems – Europe
Environmental Practice at Work Environmental eLearning
Environmental Science & Engineering Links – Caltech Library System
Environmental and Transportation Acronyms and Abbreviations
Fraunhofer Institute “Research that benefits people” – Germany
Free International Grant Resource Guide (Nonprofit Expert)
Gateway to Development Information – Eldis
GEO Data Portal – The Online Environmental Database UNEP.Net
Global Reporting Initiative – Framework for Sustainability Reporting
Global Terrestrial Observing System – GTOS
Green Architecture Checklist – Residential Buildings
Green Building Tools – Sustainable Connections
Greenhouse Effect – Background Material
Guinness World Records – Find a World Record
Hazardous Substances Database – EaSI-Pro
Holistic Web Design & Development – Australia
Integrated Environmental Management System Tools (IEMS)
International Carbon Bank & Exchange
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
International Society for Environmental Ethics
ISO 14001 Environmental Standard in Plain English
KYOTO PROTOCOL – Convention on Climate Change
Life Cycle Assessment and Engineering – International
Life Cycle Assessment & Environment Management TIFAC – India
Life Cycle Assessment > on the Internet (Free) – USA
Life Cycle Assessment > Sustainable construction measured
Life Cycle Assessment > SimaPro – Netherlands
Life Cycle Engineering > at IKP University Stuttgart – Germany
Life Cycle Engineering > GaBi 4 Software and Database
Ministries of Environment Directory – Worldwide
Multinational Monitor Links – Consumer Protection, Activism….
NASA’s Global Change Master Directory
Principles > The Architects’ Chicago Declaration
Principles > The Erice Statement – World Federation of Scientists
Principles > The Hannover Principles – WM+P
Solar Radiation Map – Australia
Sun Angle – Calculations for Sustainable Design
Sustainable Measures and Indicators – USA
The ‘Phi-Nest’ Source to the golden section and divine proportion
Toolbox > Environmental Assesment Fraunhofer – Germany
ToolKit > Education for Sustainable Development
Tools > Calulate your impact on the Environment
Tools > of Change > Outils de changement – Canada
Tools > Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT)
Tools > GaBi 4 – Software System
Tools > Greendex Calculator National Geographic
Tools > Management Tools/Software, Pollution Prevention
Tools > Data for Solar and Wind Renewable Energy (SWERA)
Tools > for presenting or retrieving sustainable development data
Tools > Projects – Sockholm Environment Institute
Tools > and Resources for Small Business
Tools > for a Sustainable Community (Local Agenda 21) ICLEI
Tools > World Daily Solar Insolation Map
United Nations Environment Programme
World Bank Carbon Finance Site
World Environment Library
Worldometers Live World Data
WORLDTIME interactive atlas
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sustainable Development
Other relevant topics and links
Environment & Sustainability Search Engines (Search Page)

ESD Network Sites, Friends and Collegues
Preview of Interview with Reinhold Ziegler
Banksia Environmental Foundation – Australia
Beyond Borders Bringing the World Together through Poetry & Art
Bibliotheca Alexandria Sacred Destinations
Chris Booth Sculptor – New Zealand
Creating a Better World Earthbound Organic Farm
Earth Building at Dhaj’s Place – New Zealand
Egyptian Initiative, Model in Sustainable Living – SEKEM
eXpertist – sustainable development and international cooperation
Hybrid Adobe Revolution
Keepers of the Waters – environmental solutions cultural possibilities
Lorenzo Matteoli – Canada Australia
Mangatowai Marae Project – New Zealand
Nature-friendly Experimental House – New Zealand
NGO Committee on Human Settlements NGOCHS
Panacea ‘building our children a future’ not for profit – Australia
Physics – Aether Theories, Free Energy
QEII National Trust – New Zealand
Sathya Sai Education in Human Values – UK
Sri Aurobindo Institute for Applied Scientific Research (SAIASR)
Sustainable Living Foundation – Australia
Sustainable Resources Forum – Hands-on Solutions to World Poverty
Synergy International – Global Energy and Environmental Design
True Food Network Green Peace Savvy Vegetarian
United World Music Project, Rosario De Marco
World Innovation Foundation

Loving our Planet and its Inhabitants
Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan
Action Without Borders –
A Directory of Charitable Grantmakers – USA
Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group
Council on Foundations – ..knowledge & growth in Philanthrophy
ECOTERRA > the Global Society for ECOlogy and sound ECOnomy
Geneva Forum – Towards Global Access to Health
GlobalGiving – A better way to give
Global Knowledge Partnership
Institute for International Cooperation & Devel. Volunteer Abroad
Oneness Movement True Awakening
One with the Earth – Free environment stickers
Race for the Big Cats – You can change the World
Sai Educational Institutions – There is no charge for tuition
Sai Medical Institutions – Entirely free to all patients
Save China’s Tigers – Helping to save China’s tigers
Save Our Planet Foundation “1 billion trees” – Singapore
Save the Rainforest – Race for the Rainforest
Sustainability through Earned Income Strategies
The Engineers Without Borders – International Network
The European Foundation Centre – Bridging Civilisations & Cultures
The Foundation Center – Knowledge to Build On
The Geneva Forum Building Peace and Security Partnerships
The Group of 1000 Changing Tomorrow by Acting Today
The Hunger Site – Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger
The Virtual Foundation – Connecting Donors with Projects
Trees for Life – education, health and environment
World Environmental Organization
World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity
World Service Intergroup

Links to other Exchange Sites
Green Exchange Program “An appetite for recycling”
Alternative Energy – Tidal Power
Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange Earthjustice: Environmental Law
Biotrade Initiative Website – UNCTAD
Cantor Fitzgerald’s Environmental Brokerage Services
Civic Exchange – Hong Kong
Currency Exchange/Converter
Debt Relief For Sustainable Devlopment – The World Bank
Education Trip for Helping Tiger Conservation – Thailand
Energy Technology Data Exchange
Environmental Advocacy – Global Stewards
Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement – USA
Environmental Education Exchange
Environmental Information Exchange – UK
Environmental Information Exchange for Larger Projects (OECD)
Environmental Information Exchange Network – USA
Environmental Science Teacher Exchange (ELC)
Ethical Trading Initiative
European Renewable Energy Exchange
Exchange work for food and accommodation –
Export Import Exchange Query form – India
Friendly Favors Network – Living Directory Network
Global Eco-village Network
Global Exchange – Building People-to-People Ties
Global Home Exchange
Home Exchange Club – Digsville Network
Home Exchange – International Vacation Exchange
Home Exchange Seniors Vacation
HOME EXCHANGE – The premier international home exchange service
INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS > Exchange of Resources – Denmark
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
International Fiberglass Exchange (IFE)
International Student Travel Confederation
LETS Links International Groups Directory
Metafro Infosys – The online catalogue about Africa
Photographic Information Exchange – Menu Search Page
Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange
Recycler’s Exchange Index
Sustainable Earth Exchange Link Information for Educators
The Environmental Exchange – UK
The Green Exchange, NYMEX Emissions
The Green Map System, Green Maps Around the World
The info Xchange > Technology for Social Justice – Australia
The Natural Step – New Zealand
The Water and Energy Exchange (WEX)
Trade, Environment and Sustainability – Friends of the Earth
Transaction Net Time Dollars Service Exchange
Universal Energy Exchange (UEE)
Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange APEC – Japan
Waste Exchange – New Zealand
Waste Management Commodities Exchange NY – USA

Offers, Requests, Opportunities, Inventions
Water fuel car unveiled in Japang – Genepax company
Business Opportunities Grants & Environmental Financing (EPA) – USA
Environmental Internships Environmental Organizations Greenpeace
European funding opportunities for Australian R & D
Find Partners at SB Business Connections
Friends and Partners – Funding & Exchange Opportunities
Funding and Financing Organizations – The Sustainable Village
Funding Opportunities EU Call for proposals for development NGO’s
Funding Opportunities Organisations Grants for Africa
Funding Opportunities: Research Funding Programs Information – CA
Funding Opportunities:
Funding opportunities and resources (Earthwatch Inst.)
Funding Opportunities within ASEM Framework
Healthy Green Homes for Sale – USA
Help us realize our dream of a Solar School – USA
Intelectual Property Online ( EFF)
I N T E R C O L L E G E – Funding Opportunities
International Funding Sources – Division of Sponsored Programs
International Grants and Funding
Inventions – Inventions and Discoveries Guide
Inventions – Free Energy Coverage by Greater Things News Service
Inventions, Tesla Memorial Society of New York
Invention trade show > a forum for inventors – INPEX®
Inventors & Inventions – Inventor Funding and Resources
My Inventions The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
Ozark land ownership made simple and affordable – USA
Small Business Environmental Page – USA
Society for Nonprofit Organizations – Nonprofit World – USA
Sustainable Business Opportunities EnviroLink
Technology-Based Economic Development Resource – USA
Technology Marketplace Links (CORDIS)
Trade Zone – International Trade and Business
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Other relevant topics and links
Business Ethics, Entreprenurial (Links Page)

Products, Services, Technologies
Hybrid Solar Lighting
Millennial Goods >> the site that promotes Livingry!
THE SUSTAINABLE VILLAGE >> Worlds largest selecting of products
Abundant Earth Environmental Catalog SuperSite
ACC Environmental Consultants California
Anuvu Fuel Cell Engines Products
Archimage The virtual scene of architecture – Australia
Architecture and Community Design William McDonough+Partners
Authentic Business – UK
Authentic Straw Bale Building – New Zealand
Best Green Blogs Directory
Biome Living – Australia
Biothinking International – sustainable products and technology
Bowerbird Tree Salvage – Recycled Timber – Australia
Broadway Architects – Sustainable Environmental Design
Business Opportunities, Wholesale, Eco Distributors
Clean Air Gardening – USA
Corn Furnace and Alternative Heat – USA
Currie Technologies Australia -…electric bicycles and electric scooters
Desco Energy Heating and Airconditioning – USA
Development Alternatives Group – India
Earth Friendly Products – Green Shopping
Earth Sheltered Technology, Inc. – USA
Ecobusiness Group – Australia
EcoBusinessLinks – Environmental directory for sustainable living
Eco-cement the new sustainable building technology – Australia
Ecodesign Landscape and Horticultural – Australia
Ecoflex – The environmentally sound retaining wall solutions
Ecoheat Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy & Water… – UK
Eco Links, Eco Products, Sites and Tips
EcoLiving Center – USA
EcoMall – A Place To Help Save The Earth, Organic & Env. Products
EcoShop – Australia’s environmental portal and online shop
Eco Solutions – Paint stripping and coatings removal technology
ECOTEC Research and Consulting
EcoWorld – Nature and Technology in Harmony
Edible Landscaping – USA
Energy Recovery Ventilator – USA
Environmental Arts – New Zealand
Environmental Building Design and Consulting – Australia
Environmental, Green, Renewable, Sustainable, Eco-friendly Store
Environmental management system, audit and reporting software
Enviro Real Estate – Australia
ENVIROSAX environmental eco friendly reusable shopping bags
EUpraxis – Helping to get EU project funding
Fair trade, organic, ethical and green directory – UK
Flowforms – Sculptures Revitalising Water – USA / New Zealand
Free Ranger Sustainable Farming – Australia
Geomembrane liners & covers for ponds, canals..wastewater – USA
Going Solar – Australia
Gordon Clarke Architects, Ecological and Organic Design – UK
Green Architecture Living in Harmony with Universal Energy
Green iDeals, the Internet’s One Stop Green Shop!
GreenMatters The Busy Person’s Guide to Greener Living
Green Pages on Line Co-op America – USA
Hemp Resources, Articles and Video – USA / Canada
Herbal Health Care – India
Home Power Links and Resources
Integrated Infrastructures Inc – USA
Integrated Medical Clinic
Jademountain / Real Goods Renewable Energy
Juanicó Environmental Consultants – International Consultants
Life Cycle Assessment & Engineering – Europe, Asia, Americas, Aus…
Low cost housing construction – South Africa
Medio Ambiente – Ambientum Portal (in Spanish) – Spain
MetaEfficient Reviews and Ratings – Most Efficient Things
MDRA Environmental Consulting – USA
Mother Nature Fan Club Environmental Directory
Oceanography Consultants, Oceanographers + Lakes, Rivers & Ice
Organic Health and Beauty Products – USA
Planet Squared… Live Concerts and Hot New Music
Rataj-Krueger Architects – USA
Rudolph and Sletten Sustainable Projects – USA
Solar Aquatics System by Solar Engineering – USA
Solar energy systems design and distribution
Source Emissions Testing Firms, Air Quality Monitoring – USA
Sustainable Solutions – Hong Kong
Sustainability and innovations in Australia
Syska Henne Group Sustainable Design Project Experience – USA
The Carbon Neutral Company
The Green Engineer – USA
The Search for Safer and Greener Chemical Solvents
UTOPIES, Raising Awareness within Companies – France
via3net – Growing Humane Sustainable Creative Economies
VIROtech Friendly Technology – Australia
Visy Recycling Industries – Australia
Waipuna Environmentally Friendly Solutions
Wind & solar power, energy efficient homes! Planetary Systems
World Stonex Natural stone products technologies – USA / India
XERT Communications Holistic Web Design – Australia

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