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Mohammad Yunus – The Social Business Model

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Links to other Forums of Interest
Dr David Suzuki answering questions on the future of the planet
African Youth Parlament – peaceful equitable sustainable Africa
Australian Green Development Forum
Baltic Environmental Forum
Bucky Fuller Discussion Forum
BuildTalk Forums Career and Employment Answers
Business in the Community – Corporate Social Responsibility
Carfree Cities Forum
Choike: A Portal on Southern Civil Societies
Dialogue, knowledge, creativity (cyber) culture, learning, wholeness
Earth Forums – Efficient Living Ideas and Environmental Info
Earth Summit – Rio+10, Johannesburg 2002, World Summit on SD
East Timor National NGO Forum
Eco-Ethics International Union (EEIU)
ECO FORUMS – dealing with the earth and ecology
EcoFuture – Dedicated to sustainability and ecological future…
Economic Action for a Just Planet Co-op America
Eco-Tourism Forum (ABC) – Australia
Environment Congress – ECO ASIA
Environment and Ecology Ideas Bank
Envirotalk Discussion Forum – Australia
European Climate Forum
European Education Forum (EEF)
European Energy Forum
European Green Building Forum (EGBF)
European Urban Forum
Foreign Direct Investment
Forum for the Future – UK
Forum One Online Communications
Forum on Science and Technology for Sustainability
Geneva Forum – Building Peace and Security Partnerships
Global Change and Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Global Change an integral agenda
Global Entrepreneurship
Green Alliance thinking, talking, acting on environment – UK
Green Car Congress, US Natural Gas Technology Forum
Green Map System – eco-cultural movement
GreenMatters The Busy Person’s Guide to Greener Living
Green Topia, Eco Lovers, Green Games – International Alliance of Inhabitants
Human Ecology Forum
Ideas worth Spreading, TED Conversations
Independent Forum on Forests – Welcome
Indigenous Environmental Network – Notices, Events & Alerts
International forum for ecology – Greenwaves
Kids F.A.C.E. Club – kids for a clean environmennt
Mountain Forum – Global Network for Mauntain Communities
People & the Planet – population and environment issues
Permaculture The Earth Forums
Pop Planet! learning, information sharing and communication
Population Connection Education and Action for a Better… – USA
Renewable Energy Forum
Resource Recovery Forum (Eldis Residua) – UK
Social Investment Forum
Social Responsibility in the Americas EMPRESA
Sonic Sanctuary Free Talking Public Service Programing
State of the World Forum
Sustainable Business Institute
Sustainable Resources Forum – Hands-on Solutions to World Poverty
The Commons Sustainability Agenda – Problem Solving Platform
The Communication Initiative – … for Sustainable Development
The Dismantlement Website – Dismantling the City, Ego….
The European ECO-Forum
The Green Agenda – Information
The International Forum on Globalization
The Last Noah’s Ark Environmental Program
The Nature.Net Forums
The Prince of Wales – Responsible Business and …. Environment
The Restoration Of Waters – John and Nancy Jack Todd
The Tourism and Environment Forum – UK
UK Social Investment Forum
Union of Concerned Scientists
Vasundhara concern for Enevironmental Rights – India
Virtual United Nations
Water ecology FAQ (frequently asked questions) – Netherlands
Water Forum Global Partnership
Watertalk – a forum to protect water quality
World Civil Society Forum
World Economic Forum
World Environment Center Forum
World Social Forum – Fórum Social Mundial – Brazil
Zero Emissions Forum

Renewable Energy, New Technologies Forums
Planet earth eco animation home sweet home
Alliance to Save Energy – USA
American Solar Energy Society
Asia Clean Energy Forum ( Clean Air Initiative)
Carbohydrate Economy Clearinghouse – USA
CADDET Links Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy – International
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy CADDET
Energy Forum – Sierra Club
ENERGY FORUM on Solar Building Skins – Italy
Energy Technology Centers (UNIDO)
Energy Technology Partnership – Scotland
Energy Technology Portal Clean Energy – Canada
Energy UNESCO – alternative energy systems in small island states
European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources
European Green Electricity Forum
European Union @ United Nations
Folkecenter for Renewable Energy – Denmark
Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland
Free Energy Articles from
Future Energies – Part of the Fuel Cell Network – UK
Global Energy Network Institute (GENI)
Global Policy Forum – Germany Grows Greener
Green IPP Discussion Forums – Europe
Green Technology Forum – USA
Hydro Energy Nonprofit Organizations in the World
Hydrogen Energy Center – Links and Forums
Information for Action – Australia
Investments in the Energy Sector Discussed in Armenian Forum
Mexico Renewable Energy Program
Nanocoating that acts as efficient heat pump developed in Australia
RENEWABLE ENERGY – The WorldNews Network
Renewable Energy for Development (S E I)
Renewable Energy Events Calendar
Renewable Energy Finance Forum – USA
Renewable Energy Forums Links
Renewable Energy Strategies for European Towns
Scottish Renewable Energy Forum
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network
Sustainable Energy Forum
The Energy Technology Forum – USA
The Energy and Resource Institute TERI – India
The UK SOLAR ENERGY Society – Forum
The World of Renewable Energy Industry IWR – Germany
Virtual Energy Forum – USA
World Civil Society Forum Official Report on Environment Trade & SD
World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
Other relevant topics and links
Renewable Energy, Alternative Technology (Links Page)

Events on Ecology, Environment and Sustainability
Water, Conschiousness & Intent – Masaru Emoto
Affiliated Events Calendar – Australian Water Association
Africa Events Calendar (General)
All Conferences Science Environment
Annual Events & Festivals in South Africa (General)
Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy (Seoul)
Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia
Bridges to Sustainability– News Events
Building Green – Calendar of Events – USA
CleanEnergy- ECO PORTAL Search Engine
Conferences and Events – World Bank
Convention Hotels Worldwide Guide
Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2010
Green Map System Events
Ecocity World Summit – Past Conferences
Global Environmental Calendar Sustainable Solutions
Environmental Events Calendar – Australia
Environmental Expert Events, Conferences & Trade Shows
Environmental Services, Meeting and Event Schedule – USA
EU Conferences Forthcoming Events
European Future Energy Forum Oct 2010 – London
Events Calendar for Green Business, CleanTech, Clean Energy
Event Search Tools Directory – ©
Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in Africa (General)
Fair of Practical Utopias – Fiera Utopie concrete – Italy
Intentional Communities Events Calendar
National Geographic Events
New Zealand Ecological Society
Past Event – International Agenda on Sustainable Development
Past Event – Sustainable Building Tokyo 2005
Past Event – United Nations Climate Change Conference Bali
Renewable Energy Events Calendar (Renewable Energy World)
Solar World Congress (ISES)
Solid Waste Technology and Management Conference – USA
Special Event Hotels Guide
Sustainable Building Calendar (Sustainable Sources)
Tradeshows Online The Most Interactive Shows on the Net
United Nations Car Free Days
Waste Management Conferences and Events
World Congress of Youth – Peace Child International
World Renewable Energy Congress / Network (WREN)
World Solar Challenge- Australia
World Water Forum – International

Unusual, Intriguing, Debatable, Mysterious
GOOGLE EARTH Mystery Secret and Hidden Places
Akhenaten of Amarna, 18th Dynasty Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt
ALIENSHIFT, Time Travel, Pole Shift, MARS, 2012…
Ancient Celtic New Zealand
Ancient Egyptian Directory
Ancient Egypt Link with Australia – Crystalinks
Ancient Mysteries and Civilisations (Edgar Cayce)
Atlantis > Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration?
Atlantis Rising Magazine
Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Your online source
Bible codes forming images. Bible code prophecy.
Celestial Calendars – Celestial Dynamics
Coast to Coast AM (about Intriguing and Mysterious Events)
Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence (Dr. Steven Greer)
Conversations With God (Neale D. Walsch)
Crop Circles Research – The Crop Circular
Cuban Underwater Megalithic Structures
EARTHFILES – latest updates in earth and astronomical mysteries
Einstein’s Quotes on The Universe, Life…
Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI)
Energy Inventions – Innovative energy production concepts
Free Energy – 400 Billion Dollar Secret (You Tube)
Free Energy – Free Energy Devices
Free Energy – Free Energy’ News and Directory
Free Energy – Free Energy Research Archive
Free Energy – Overunity Forum
Free Energy – PESWiki The community-built resource
Free Energy – The Missing Sectrets of Nicola Tesla (You Tube)
Free Energy – The Tom Bearden Website
Future Energy – Concepts for future electricity generation
HAARP Informative Video (You Tube)
HAARP VS THE SUN – There is more going on than anyone…
Hubble Space Telescope Site
Indigo Children – What is an indigo Child?
Kirlian Camera News
Lemuria, Pacifica or Mu – is it just a metaphor?
Music & Research Links Nonlinear Science and Fractals
Mysteries of the Polynesians
Mysterious Earth Pattern Pictures (National Geographic)
Mysterious Places Explore sacred sites and ancient civilizations
NEXUS MAGAZINE – Behind the News, Unexplained, Future Science
Nikola Tesla Page Links and Resources
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab Orgonomy & Wilhelm Reich
Physics – Aether Theories, Free Energy
Places of Peace and Power
Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (NASA)
Pravda.RU Israel Occupied by Aliens
Pyramid Energy Temple of Sakaara
Pyramids – Chinese Pyramids (Earth Quest)
Pyramids Discovered in Montevecchia – Italy
Pyramids – Great Pyramid Facts and Statistics
Pyramids in Mexico – Crystalinks
Pyramids – Who Built the Pyramids – NOVA Online
Reverse Speech – discovery of the 7th sense
Sacred Places and Teachings
Shirley Maclaine’s official website on UFO, Environment …
Stone Pages • Web guide to Megalithic Europe
Sumerian Gods Anunnaki Nibiru Sitchin Sumeria (VidoEmo)
The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield)
The Domain of Cosmic Light
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean
The Enterprise Mission
The Epic of Gilgamesh 12 Clay Tablets of Ancient Sumeria
The Fibonacci Numbers and Golden section in Nature
The Geometry Code Sacred Geometry (by Bruce Rawles)
The Millennium Group – Directory of Science
The Platonic Solids Five
The Skeptics Society and Skeptic Magazine
The Solstice Project The Mystery of Chaco Canyon
The 12th Planet, Planet X Files, Space and Science Anomalies
Thiaoouba – Purpose of Existence, Universe – Future of Humanity
Troubled Times – the Transformation
Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums Ancient Mysteries …
Unexplained Mysteries – Is the planet playing with our minds?
Unexplained Mysteries Paranormal Image Gallery
Unusual Aviation Pictures
Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Pyramids
Water Crystals Dr. Masaru Emoto
Water Sacrality & Lore Wells, Springs, Pools, Lakes – Mything Links
Weird Science – Anomalous Physics
What the Bleep Do We Know!™ & What the Bleep! …
Viewzone Magazine Unusual Stories
World Mysteries Search
Other relevant topics and links
Space, Astrophysics, Mysterious Universe (Links Page) 

Arts, Books, Music, Interesting, Useful
Energy Effects on Water Crystals
Acoustic Ecology Institute
Apollo World Gallery Dolphins, Marine Art, Endangered Species
art-online – The fine art directory
Art & Music – Topics in Mathematics
Australian Bird Songs
A World Community of Old Trees
Books, Music and Video – Amazon – Calendar Links
Care2 greeting cards – over 5,000 free ecards!
Carfree Cities – solution to the problem of urban automobiless
Custom Fibonacci Spiral Generator
Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) Publications
Earth A Graphic Look At The State of the Planet
Eco Quiz – Test Your Eco Knowledge
EnviroArts Orion Online
Environment, ecology, earth, power – for Vayu and Rama
Fun Activities EPA Student Center – USA
Guinness World Records
HORIZON Solutions Site
Interactive Models of Platonic and Archimedean Solids (Science U)
Naturesongs Digital Recordings from Nature!
New Civilization Game
New & Used Books Find the Lowest Price
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center – USA
Photographic Information Exchange – Menu Search Page
Pulse of the Planet @
Save the Rainforest by clicking button daily –’s
Sister Cities International
Teaching Green – Kids Links
That which is forever in rebirth – dwij
The Hunger Site Home – Donate Food for Free to Hungry People
The Music of Fractals
The World Factbook
UN Atlas of the Oceans
What the World Wants?
World Atlas- Political Maps
World Carshare Consortium
World Maps – PCL Map Collection
Worldometers Live World Data
WORLDTIME interactive atlas

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